Tasmanian singer-songwriter Zac Henderson today releases his long awaited studio record, Lay The Stones. Following on from the release of lead track ‘Drawing Blood’ this month, the full Zac Henderson experience is realised across 10 heartfelt and meticulously created songs.

Written across a number of years, the album’s material details the scope of development and introspective moments in Henderson’s life. Having become a busy touring artist since the release of his debut EP Procrastination almost four years ago, life experiences changed for the artist as his music took him around the country and overseas. Lay The Stones is a result of this beautiful chaos being channelled into new stories on record.

From Lay The Stones, fans will recognise not just ‘Drawing Blood’, but also previously released tracks ‘Stonewash’ and ‘I Haven’t Seen You In A Week’ – songs that marked exciting points of release for Henderson throughout 2020. Working on the album away from Tasmania, instead creating in Gippsland with his band and mixer/engineer Greg J Walker, the experience of making Lay The Stones was a fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

“Working on Lay The Stones as an album was one of the most exciting and involved musical experiences of my life so far. I managed to assemble a band of terrific musicians to play on the album and a brilliant producer who were all incredibly invested in the music. The environment in the studio was perfect; it felt like a lot of the time we were just goofing around, but we got a lot done and when we were playing, we were really playing.”
Zac Henderson

For the music video for lead single ‘Drawing Blood’, Henderson kept its structure minimalistic as keeping the focus on the performance of ‘Drawing Blood’, filmed at his own house and that of his friend, Joe.

“I made the ‘Drawing Blood’ video between my friend’s place and at home with a projector, a phone, a DSLR and an iPad with my partner and a good friend of mine. I’ve always enjoyed cutting together my own videos, and had been wanting to work with shadows for a while, so I gave it a crack and here’s what happened.” Zac Henderson

Honesty in songwriting and the showcase of vulnerability on record are shining highlights of Lay The Stones as a listening experience. Across tracks like ‘Easy To Please’, ‘Trick Pony’ and ‘Tin Shed’, some of the album’s strongest points show themselves, as Henderson’s unique voice twists and weaves around some beautiful narrative bends.

“All of Zac’s songs are like little paintings of the important experiences in our lives, which I’ve either been involved in or can relate to deeply. I find so much value in them because they’re pretty much all riddled with little words of wisdom to help you through the situations we all get ourselves into. And even when they’re not so deep, they’re just a fun time. He manages to write with such character, to the point where the listener really gets a sense of his relationship with life.”
Jay Jarome (backing vocals)

ZAC HENDERSON Reveals Indie/folk Charm With The Release of New Album


“Bearing ten tracks, the record carries all the wittiness and humour Henderson is becoming known for – it’s fantastic to see another talented troubadour coming through the ranks.”
Beat Magazine

“This humble artist is a natural when it comes to expressing himself; a storyteller, a musician, a poet, a performer and an artist.”
Platform Magazine