If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all then dip into Central Australia and take in Wide Open Space Festival. The festival isn’t one of your typical one-day extravaganzas, the enigmatic three-day event took last year off to refocus but is back in 2020 offering a broad range of music acts as well as stimulation for the body, mind and soul.

Wide Open Space Festival 2020 Dates

Wide Open Space will run from Friday 1st May to Sunday 3rd May in the MacDonnell Ranges at Ross River Resort which is a scenic hour’s drive from Alice Springs. You’d be hard pressed to find a more diverse line-up of music, arts and performance as the festival is deeply inspired by the area in which it’s located and the traditional and contemporary desert culture that has its roots in the ancient landscape.

Wide Open Space 2020 Program

The program is rich and diverse; expect cutting edge electro and bouncing live hip hop as well as deep acoustic meditations. There’s a vast array of sounds drawing from a range of tastes, inspirations and sub-cultures including live bands, DJs, producers and collectives. That’s just the music, Wide Open Space also offers a whole range of activities in its Arts, Performance and Workshop program. If you want to experience something different then take your pick from spoken word, panel discussions, burlesque, cabaret and extravagant dress-up parties. There’s a dedicated kids space, workshops, projections, exhibitions and interactive installations to take in.

Wide Open Space is more than just a three-day festival, take yourself away for a celebration of creativity, connection and the human spirit. 


Wide Open Space 2018

Wide Open Circle at WOS2018

Wide Open Wander at WOS2018