Although Uluru has attracted uncountable numbers of tourists over the years, backpackers are now also detaching themselves from the coastline and the comfort of city living for something a little more authentic, something a little more, “Aussie”. Uluru is forming quite the outlandish trend amongst backpackers this year; and here are the top reasons we found as to why.

“Connecting With Nature and Yourself”

There is most certainly a lot that can be said for connecting with nature and with yourself. Without dabbling with the “cheesy interpretation of such a phrase, simplistic experiences are often the most profound. Getting to know yourself is the grandest of cliches amongst backpackers but this is ultimately why we leave our homeland. There is no better way to do it than in an environment that is staggeringly beautiful and does not distract you with any vanities whatsoever. Just you, yourself and the great Australian Outback.

“Experiencing Something Out of Your Comfort Zone”

Whether we like to admit it or not, moving from our homeland to Australia on a working holiday has a short “novelty” sell by date. There is no denying that it is scary but as soon as we find our feet, we can get trapped into doing the same thing we did back home – work and get comfortable. We have to keep pushing the boat out further if we are really going to reap the rewards from travelling and the outback is second to none for such an experience. This doesn’t mean that your knees will be trembling the whole time, what it actually means is you’ll get a chance to remind yourself of the thrilling adrenaline rush you get from doing something different and awesome. Just as you did when you first arrived in Australia.

“Looking for Adventures of a Lifetime”

It doesn’t get more clear cut than this, we never came to Australia to let opportunities of a lifetime pass us by. Backpackers are “go-getters”; life back home can be pretty mundane and repetitive and thus, it makes perfect sense to make certain that when you do get to Australia you’ll leave with absolutely no regrets. There is no point of 99 out of 100 bucket list ticks. Furthermore, as far as adventures of a lifetime go, Uluru is not a bad place to start, or finish for that matter.
The outback delivers so many inexpressible moments; which is why you really have to see it for yourself to believe it. These reasons are not doubt why so many backpackers are turning to Adventure Tours Australia this year for direct access to the smack-bang Red Centre of Australia.
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