First emerging onto the scene in 2015 with four-track EP「ƒƒ∆, Vantage has spent the years since cultivating an immersive world at the intersection of sound and technology. Channelling a sound that has been coined as ‘future funk’, Vantage uses a range of analogue synths and instruments to create his distinctive tone. He dropped his second album J-Funk City in 2019 and collaborated with Macross 82-99earlier this year on six-track EP ‘Sendagi Collection’.

Originally from Lyon, Vantage since moved to Tokyo where he now lives and works. The Japanese and French influences are really noticeable in his sound, evoking French filter house sounds synonymous with Justice, Daft Punk and the sophisticated pop and polished melodies synonymous with the Japanese City Pop era.

He recently released his single ’50//50’, a TikTok smash that has amassed more than 12 million Spotify streams. ‘50//50’ is a breezy, carefree slice of filter house that also draws on the 8-bit aesthetic widely associated with his adopted hometown.


Where do you live, what makes it unique or is it famous for something?

I live in Osaka, it’s pretty unique because it’s a city with lots of character and it is famous for its great food!

Throughout lockdown, what has been your favourite thing to do at the weekend?

I like to go out and take walks not necessarily going anywhere just roaming around, helps clearing my mind

Any side hustles or skills you want to share with us?

I fix vintage gear in my free time! I also run a clothing brand and of course make music (additional production, sound design etc.)

What cheeky banger has been playing through your speakers on repeat for the last 6 months?

I’ve been listening to « futari no natsumonogatari » by 1986 omega tribe on repeat !!!

Friday night dinner‬ – at home or restaurant?

If I’m with friends, restaurant 100%