Your Girl Pho is the vivacious on stage persona of Perth based vocalist/producer Phoebe Gunson. In a short time, she has racked up a slew of coveted support slots with the likes of Post Malone, The Avalanches, E^ST, Kllo, Alice Ivy & spots on acclaimed festivals Groovin’ The Moo, Falls Festival, Laneway, Listen Out, FOMO, Festival Vaiven (Mexico), Music Matters (Singapore).

Pho is known for her big vocal range, high energy and live looping during shows. A dynamic genre fluid artist, ranging from sombre, nostalgic R&B to bright, colourful electro-pop that will have you dancing in your seat. it’s no surprise she was snapped up by Untitled Group’s tastemaker label Daily Nightly in June of 2020.

Pho’s latest single ‘Surrender’ marks new territory for her, dropping the electro-pop energy from her previous releases and swapping it for a lo-fi neo-soul vibe. The harmonies and melodies feel 90’s hip hop, but the verses bring it back so the contemporary style Pho normally writes.


What is unique about the place you live?

I live in Western Australia. Dare I say we have the best beaches in the world. We have some really special Indigenous Guide Tours in WA where you can learn history and culture, legends about how the land was created and how Aboriginals hunted and gathered. If you’re looking to attend one not too far from the city, try Bindi Bindi Dreaming.

Through lockdown, what has been your favourite thing to do?

I wish I could say I spent my lockdown time doing that craft project or learning that language I never had time to do, but I was still working full time from home so actually didn’t get to explore any fun lockdown activities. But I do live in a share house with 3 other women and when the weekend came around we would find ways to keep it interesting. Once we did a “bar hop” in the house, where each bedroom had to have a theme and different games. One room was the “TikTok” room where we had to learn the trending dances… This was the last room of the “hop”, needless to say it was a bit messy by this point.

Have you got a favourite camping spot?

I don’t camp much at all, except for the one time I “Glamped” down south in Margaret River (WA) in the middle of a permaculture farm and woke up to chickens pecking the tent and goats “baahing” at us. The best way to wake up laughing. 100% would do again.

Any side hustles or skills you want to share with us?

Face painting/balloon twisting was my source of income for a few years after I left school. I’d attend kid’s birthday parties as a Princess, Superhero, even a Ninja Turtle…  Ok yes I was a glorified clown.

We love your new single ‘Surrender’. What’s the story behind the track?

Surrender was a product of lockdown blues, hence the complete change of tone & energy compared to my other releases. I was really feeling the weight of my relationships and how during a pandemic where your busy life comes to a halt, you suddenly feel and see things in yourself and other people around you that you may have been too busy to before. To love and to be loved, you must surrender to another and let your walls down. But when your routine and life becomes turbulent and the future is so unknown, the last thing people feel safe to do is surrender and be vulnerable to another. So although a tough time, it was the turbulence of the pandemic that sparked the inspiration to write Surrender. However, now that it’s released and out in the world, it symbolises for me a piece of work that ignited my music career again, as it had been almost a year since my last release. I’m excited to continue on this wave and keep releasing music.

How did you go about recording your new mixtape ‘Surrender’ during a pandemic?

I am lucky enough to rent a DIY studio space where I was able to record and write the music on my own. Nothing changed much in my process as this is normally how I write, then I email different edits back and forth with to the producer/mixer.

Favourite Friday night dinner at home/restaurant?

Ramen. Can be thoroughly enjoyed at home AND at a restaurant.

What current projects are you working on?

Currently working on my next single hopefully set for release before the end of the year.