Still waters run deep, but OFFAIAH prefers to keep it that way. After growing up in East London, he did a little revitalizing himself in tandem with the growth of his town that was threatened to crumble under neglect and rubble. It’s a phoenix story of sorts, but only in highlighting OFFAIAH’s drive to take his work seriously once he sets his mind to it. ‘Private Show’ was the first release from OFFAIAH’s own label All Fire (Get it?!). Having scored arguably the biggest dance record of 2016 with his debut ‘Trouble’, he followed up in 2017 with ‘Run’ and ‘Run This Town’ in quick succession. “Private Show’ took OFFAIAH into new territory sonically and has been described as Felix Da Housecat’s ‘Shower Scene’ for a new generation.

Having recovered from a helicopter crash in 2017, OFFAIAH returned in full force in 2018. “Work It Out” was his debut release on Defected Records which landed on August 3rd 2018, the follow-up being “Push Pull Nov 30th 2018, “Somewhere Special” and subsequently “Soldier” which sustained a #1position in the Beatport House Chart for several Weeks. A Defected Records staple, and amassing over 35 million streams, OFFAIAH is proving to be an in-demand talent on the DJ circuit.

2019 saw OFFAIAH’s releases on his own label, ALL FIRE Records, entitled ‘Cheddar’ and ‘I Need Ur Luv’ with large support in the US. These once again displayed his unique talent and diverse sound. Defected Records is the home to his latest release ‘Private Show’ which features the vocals of Cat Connors.

Recent Remixes include:

Roberto Surace – “Joys”

Ian Carey – “Keep On Rising”

Jack Back – “Sometimes”


Can you tell our readers where you’re from and where you call home?

I’m originally from London, UK but I currently live in Las Vegas, USA with my girlfriend and our 2 beautiful children.

Can you tell us a bit about any of your favorite hangouts?

Having to travel around the world to DJ means my hangout places are spread far and wide – when in Ibiza I love to hang out in Cafe Mambo, especially around sunset when the view over the ocean is spectacular. When in London I love to go to the OXO Tower Restaurant on the south bank of the River Thames – and when I’m home in Las Vegas we like to go eat at Catch Las Vegas, which is situated at the Aria Resort and Casino Hotel. The food there is some of the best food I’ve ever tasted and if you’re ever in Las Vegas you should go check it out. 

Another place where I tend to hang out a lot is down at the gym – I like to take my fitness and health seriously so try to work out at least 4 times a week.

How did the OFFAIAH name come about?

The first track I made in 2016 was called “Trouble”. To be honest I actually made this track just to have some original music to play in my live sets, but it ended up gaining a lot of traction. The feedback from everyone who heard it was amazing and after sending out some promo copies to DJ’s around the world the one word which was used to describe the track more than any other was “Fire” – that track is “Fire” was the comment that usually came back – so I thought I had to work this word in to my artist name and so the word “Fire” became O-FIRE which ended up being OFFAIAH. 

How would you best describe your sound? 

I like to describe my sound as “sonically groovin” – I’m always looking for cool grooves which are the basis upon which I make all my tracks. Groove is everything to me, its what gets people moving on the dance floor. Once the groove is nailed I’m on to the sonics and work really hard to make sure the track has an overall pleasing and satisfyingly warm sound.

You’ve had releases out with some great labels including Armada, Sonny Fodera’s Solotoko and Defected to date, can you tell us a bit about your journey so far?

It’s been an amazing journey – I was very fortunate in that the first record I made gained so much traction in such a short space of time which kinda put OFFAIAH on the map so to speak. My first records “Trouble” and “Run This Town” were signed to Positiva and from there I went on to have records released on Defected, Subjekt, Solotoko and of course my own label, ALL FIRE Records. It’s amazing the journey music can take you on. From doing live performances as a DJ there aren’t many places around the world which I haven’t travelled to. Being half way around the world and have people know who you are because they are fans of your music is such a rewarding feeling and I am blessed to be part of this ever-growing industry. 

Can you tell us about your latest release? When can we expect that to drop?

My latest release is going to be my 5th release with Defected – its called “Private Show”, there’s three mixes on the package and its being released March 13th 2020.

You’ve got an Australian tour coming soon, have you been to Australia before? Will you have any time to explore on the tour?

I’m so excited to be coming back to Australia – I did a small tour in Australia May of 2019 and I’ve been dying to get back ever since. I’m there for 3 weeks so will have plenty of time to explore and check out the local sights.

Can you tell us about where and who you’ll be playing with Down Under?

I have 10 shows locked in for my 3-week visit, playing at:

  • 04.09 – Imperial Underground, Sydney, Australia
  • 04.10 – Costal Jam, Torquay, Australia
  • 04.11 – The Met, Brisbane, Australia
  • 04.12 – Old Soul, Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • 04.12 – Rabbit Eat Lettuce
  • 04.17 – NXT LVL, Gold Coast, Australia
  • 04.18 – Racquet Club, Perth, Australia
  • 04.24 – ONE SIX ONE, Melbourne, Australia
  • 04.25 – Deep Hard n Funky, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 04.26 – DOJO SUNDAYS, Manly, Australia

We’re all getting excited for Miami and of course the European summer season, where can we expect to see you?

Can’t wait for Miami either. At this point in time I’m still finalizing shows but so far I’m doing 4 parties there, including Defected at the Shore Club Hotel Fri 20th March and Cafe Mambo Presents @ Mokai on the 22nd March. These will be epic and not to be missed!

And finally, we’re all about traveling for festivals and music, can you give our readers a hot tip on a place anywhere in the world that you could recommend? And why did you love it? (you can also include your hometown)

One place I always have to visit when in Ibiza is a tiny little restaurant that you really wouldn’t ever know about unless someone told as it’s really off the beaten track. Its situated in Portinatx which is up in the north of the Island, probably a 20-30 min drive from Ibiza Town. It a restaurant called Restaurante Zulu and is situated on a beautiful quiet beach hidden away in one of the many coves up there in that part of the Ibiza. The food is amazing as is the breathtaking view over the Ocean, there is a real calming and peaceful ambience around this place. If anyone can find this place (as its well hidden away) I would highly recommend it.