Nyege Nyege Festival Returns!  Largest Ever Pan African Digital Music & Art Experience

Nyege Nyege Festival returns 3-6 September

Transcending boundaries once again, this year the pioneering African music festival combines a COVID safe party in Uganda with a custom digital experience, showcasing breathtaking music co-curated by 20 collectives from across the Continent.

Line up of In Person Physical Event Revealed
Partnering Collectives Revealed
               The Sauce Must Go On.

“Nyege Nyege is a genuine, experimental African utopia- it feels like the future of festivals: excitingly diverse, consistently surprising and committed to uncontrollable dancing” Mixmag

“There are festivals and there is Nyege Nyege” Boiler Room

“Africa’s Best Underground Music Festival” Okay Africa

“East Africa is going through a musical renaissance” The Quietus

“The world’s best electronic music festival is in Uganda” FACT

“Over the past five years, Nyege Nyege has grown exponentially in size and influence, and has gained a reputation for platforming experimental sounds of the Ugandan and wider Sub-Saharan African underground” DAZED

“acclaimed party-turned-festival-turned-record label providing a global platform for contemporary pan-African dance music” CRACK

“Techno, soukous, abstract electronics – the Nyege Nyege collective draws from the cultural melting pot of Kampala’s music scene. But unlike other European visitors, it also gives something back” The Guardian

“Electronic music is booming in East Africa, and a small collective based in Kampala is at the heart of it all” Resident Advisor

“utopic temporary autonomous zone” Pan African Music

“Le festival le plus punk du monde” Mixmag France

Africa’s essential electronic music festival Nyege Nyege doubles down on its reputation for transcending boundaries, presenting a unique response to the challenges of the COVID crisis.

A festival built on love, resilience and passion for music, Nyege Nyege is going all-in this year, collaborating with collectives from across the Continent to present a pan African music and art showcase via a digital platform developed by African Digital Art (ADA).

The festival will explore a hybrid combination of digital experience and in-person event, hosting its signature party in Uganda, while connecting with 25 collectives and many more remote watch parties, all in full compliance with COVID safety measures and Nyege Nyege vibe measures.

Since its inception in 2015 and through its record labels Hakuna Kulala and Nyege Nyege Tapes, the festival has established a reputation for championing a diverse range of African music. Energized by the endless possibilities of connecting digitally, Nyege Nyege wants to make 2020 a truly pan African affair with labels, collectives, curators and crews from all over the Continent co-curating the four-day program.

The festival aims to provide a totally immersive, mesmerizing African party experience, diving deep into the cauldron of contemporary African music and its wider diaspora. Highlighting Singeli, Mchiriku and Sebene from Tanzania, Dennery Segment from Santa Lucia, Gqom and House from South Africa, Balani from Mali, Coupe Decale from Cote d’Ivoire, Kuduro and Afrohouse from Angola, Gengetone and Metal from Kenya, Elone from Gabon, Hip Hop from Kigali to Ouagadougou and Abidjan and Maloya from Reunion Island. Complementing the lineup will be special showcases curated by Sahel Sounds in Niger and Mauritania, Nadah El Shazly in Egypt, LaSunday in Ivory Coast, Sun-El World and Pussy Party in South Africa, Jakaranda Festival in Zimbabwe and Jowaa Asokpor Corner in Ghana. The digital happenings and African performance art program will be orchestrated by Violaine Le Fur and will include Cameroonian performance and dance collectives Modaperf, Zora Snake Compagnie and more (see below).

Joining the party will be Principe from Lisbon, Moonshine from Quebec, Jokkoo Crew from Barcelona, AS A SS and Al Hara from Palestine and a special footwork showcase with EQ Why presenting the GHB/HAVOC Picnic from Chicago.

The creative Nyege cauldron will be spiced with comedy, fashion, film and digital art to bring the sauce to a boil, including many tasty collaborative experiments, but the entire program will only be fully revealed during the festival.

Nyege Nyege Festival Returns

Catu Diosis live – Photo Credit : Bwette Photography


In person: September 3-6 2020, location TBA, Uganda.

Eager to promote the rich music scene from Uganda, Nyege Nyege will roll out an all star line-up for this year’s edition, including legendary Afrigo Band, Jose Chameleon and East African Dancehall queen Cindy as well as the best of Uganda’s rich traditional music and a full Nyege Nyege roster including Kampire, Slikback, MC Yallah, Fulu Miziki, Nilotika and many more.

The event will partner with creative powerhouse Innovation Village (www.innovationvillage.co.ug)  who run the biggest maker space in East Africa. Their vision of being at the forefront of tech innovations in the region will be showcased in full at this year’s festival, including a socially distanced “pandemic disco”, immersive VR clubbing and more outlandish ideas that will complement the Tropical Disco Stage, the Dark Star and the Main Stage.

Digital: www.nyegenyege.com September 3-6.

The festival’s digital platform has been created in collaboration with Kenyan artist, cultural pioneer and African Digital Art founder Jepchumba (www.africandigitalart.com). On top of curating some of the continent’s best artists to collaborate on broadcasts, she has devised a unique interface to navigate the maze of content based on the original forest on the Nile that hosts Nyege Nyege. With live reports from the site, 360 degree live cameras, virtual stages and all that the physical event will offer (see above), it promises to be a game changer in the online event space.

Within this digital space there will be an “artist only” area, a sort of industry focused “back stage” where artists can interact with one another and devise future collaboration and with industry players, attend key panel discussions and leverage the opportunities generated from the festival’s visibility.

The festival runs a year-long music residency and safe community space where musicians and creatives from all over the continent can meet and create together. Harnessing that energy, the festival has evolved from a small party into the most adventurous festival on the continent – a party no Ugandan can miss. Despite past challenges of rain and government shutdown, and in spite of the current pandemic, the festival has never drifted from its vision; in 2020 Nyege Nyege aims to inspire and amaze even more.
Nyege Nyege says; “By exploring the hybrid of the physical and the digital we cherish this totally unique opportunity to explore the full potential of an online component to the festival. We hope to create a moment that will carry these new connections forward, give more visibility to the collectives involved and build momentum towards more collaborations, solidarity and of course amazing music and art.”

Ticket Info Available from July 15th 2020 on


Kampire, Catu Diosis, Slikback, Decay, Afrorack, Turkana, Authentically Plastic,
Don Zilla, Faizal Mostrixx, Rey Sapienz, Hibotep, Chrisman, Candidly Reign, Oyisse, Moroto Heavy Industries, Morghiana HZ, DJ Yan, NSASI, Makossiri, Houdini, Dark Meme, G-low, Ras Clan International, The CEE, AO The Walker, DJ Raffa, Mo The Music Collector, Nasselow, Selecta Jay, Ciza, Kas baby, EDN, Zizuke, Acid AB, Dj Final, Seke Seke, Tshe Tshe, Le Meilleur, 2Ballz, DJ Kemishan


Afrigo Band, Chameleon, Cindy,
Fulu Miziki, Ecko Bazz, Duma, Otim Alpha, MC Yallah, HHY & Kampala Unit,
Congo Tekno Ensemble, Nakibembe Embaire Troupe, Watmon Group,
Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, Kalalu, Maata, Kadodi Troupe, Ekuka.
(Ugandan Traditional troupes curated by Samuel Kisakye aka Don Zilla)

Kadongo Kamu showcase (Traditional Bugandan Folk Music)


African Collectives Curating the 2020 Edition

Sun-El World (South Africa)
Modaperf (Douala, Cameroun)
Jowaa Asokpor Corner (Accra, Ghana)
Umlazi Road Bloq Crew (Umlazi, South Africa)
Radio Benbakan & Diaki Discotheque (Sanankoroba, Mali)
Ron Maloya X Sauvage Sound System (Reunion Island)
Singeli Movement (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania)
Jakaranda Festival (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Milu’s crew (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
LaSunday (Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire)
Team Kumba (Kigali, Rwanda)
Shrap Nite (Nairobi, Kenya)
Rhina Crew (Goma, DRC)
Sahel Sounds (Mauritania, Niger)
Pussy Party (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Zora Snake Company (Douala, Cameroun)
DJ Chengz Carnival Syndicate (Santa Lucia)
ABC X Baara Musik (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)
Egyptian showcase curated by Nadah El Shazly (Cairo, Egypt)
Ateka Compagnie with Abdoulaye Tresor Konate (Cote d’Ivoire x France)
Yoke Collectif with Eden Tinto Collins and Fabiana-Ex-Souza (Brasil x Ghana)

International Guest Collectives

Principe (Lisbon, Portugal)
Moonshine crew (Montreal, Canada)
EQ WHY presents GHB/ HAVOC Picnic (Chicago, USA)
AS A SS X Al-Hara Radio (Palestine)
Jookoo Crew (Barcelona, Spain)
Bledarde (Brussels, Belgium)

For more information > Seb Burford > seb@worldwidefriendlysociety.com

Nyege Nyege Festival Returns