Melbourne-made, tropical Queensland dreamin’ four-piece Minibikes have been soundtracking Australia’s endless summer since the late naughties. Their debut album For Woods or Trail, threw tasty hooks left, right and centre, nestling into the hearts of listeners both at home and abroad. Now, Minibikes are back and keen to hit the beach ball back up in the air once again with their punchy new track ‘I Can Feel Ya’ taken from their forthcoming album Freaky Dreams. We had a chat with frontman Marcel Borrack all about it.

Hey Marcel, how are you? Congratulations on the new single ‘I Can Feel Ya’, can you tell us a bit about this track?

Thanks for that. The track was the last one to be written for the album, which is coming out soon. It felt like a musical tangent at that time as it seemed a bit more “discoteque” though somehow it seemed to fit. Making this album we were trying to bring together ideas that really clashed, so the inclusion of an 80’s style harmonised guitar solo seemed like a natural fit. 

This is the first we’ve heard from Minibikes since your 2018 single ‘Magic Happens’. What have you been getting up to since then?

We’ve definitely been lying low!  We don’t do many live shows at all so we’re not really out there in the public eye much, but behind the scenes we’re working away writing and recording. There’s a whole new album’s worth of songs written and recorded. 

Listening to the new single is about the closest thing we can get to a winter escape right now. How are you finding isolation so far? Any tips for tackling lockdown boredom or fighting creative block whilst social distancing?

I’ve been all over the place with this. I’m definitely unqualified to give advice! Some days seem to be full of achievements and others, well, they’re not so productive! I have to say I haven’t been bored at all, but I’ve definitely been disorganised. I’ve been trying to do everything I think of as it pops into my head… I probably should take a break from youtube! Today I’ve already been researching gardening projects, bird identification, weird guitar tunings, drum playing, vintage hifi equipment and cleaning records when really I should just do my tax!

‘I Can Feel Ya’ is out via Cheersquad Records & Tapes – a relatively new Aussie label. Can you give us the lowdown of some of your favourite releases from your label mates?

Yes! It’s an awesome label to be part of. I love Jasmin Kaset’s Tuxedo album which is full of catchy songs that remind you of something but sound like nothing else at the same time. It’s rad and so is the album cover! Can’t do nothing by Rinehearts is another packed with good times, I love cooking dinner with this one on.

What other music have you found yourselves listening to during isolation?

I recently committed myself to listening to every Hall and Oats studio album in chronological order. That was an experience! I had always just been a “best of” person with them. Listening to everything blew my mind. I still think their greatest stuff is the singles but I was really inspired by the breath of their songwriting ambition… they tried everything and did it in their own way. Listening like that really paints a picture of America in the 70’s and 80’s in a way that reading about it can’t. I hope someone makes a great documentary about them one day! (maybe they have already?)

Are there any other new releases on the horizon from Minibikes?

Yes! Our album “freaky dreams” will be out really soon on Cheersquad! We’re pretty excited that it’s on vinyl! 

Finally, what’s the first thing you’ll be doing once isolation is done and dusted?

The first thing I’ll be doing is getting some gigs going! Like I said earlier, we rarely play shows, but it as it happened, we had to cancel a few in April and May. I’m normally pretty nervous about playing,  so I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder. 

‘I Can Feel Ya’ is out everywhere today! Take a listen below!

Minibikes forthcoming album Freaky Dreams is out Friday 12 June via Cheersquad Records & Tapes.
The album is now available for pre-order on limited edition vinyl, digital and CD via Bandcamp – oh and the good folk at Bandcamp are waiving their fees for 24 hours, so today would be a great day to place your order with all proceeds going direct to the band!

Hop to it.