Critically acclaimed Portuguese singer, songwriter and composer, L​uísa Sobral has finally made her way to Australian shores. Celebrating the release of her revered fifth studio album ​Rosa​, ​Sobral has already graced the stages of the beloved ​WOMADelaide Festival ​and now makes her way to in Melbourne and Sydney for headline shows.

Having performed at a multitude of festivals and events in over 15 countries including ​Austin’s SXSW​, Barcelona Jazz Festival​, ​London Jazz Festival​, and a performance on ​Later… with Jools Holland​,Luísa has garnered a mass of dedicated fans the world over. She has received two ​Globos de Ouro nominations (The Portuguese equivalent of ​The Golden Globes​), and received a ​Commander of the Order of Merit ​from the Portuguese President together with her brother, after becoming the first first-ever Portuguese act to win the ​2017 Eurovision Song Contest ​with her career defining composition ‘Amar pelos dois’​.

Do not miss your chance to catch one of the most cherished live performers of our time when ​Luísa Sobral hits stages in Australia this March.

We’re so excited to see you play in Australia for WOMADelaide and a couple of headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Have you ever been to Australia? What are you looking forward to seeing and doing while you’re here?
This is my first time in Australia. It was always a dream of mine to come here so I’m really happy. I would really like to explore the wildlife here. I am a fan of nature and Australia has so much to offer in terms of animals and plants. It’s really exciting!

You’re touring in celebration of your latest record Rosa. How did this album come about? Any interesting stories from the writing/recording/releasing process?
Rosa is my daughter’s name. I wrote all the songs while I was pregnant. It’s a very minimalistic album, with lots of space, so you can have the time to feel each word, the melody and the harmony. I really felt the need to do something very simple, where the song itself is the most important thing and not the arrangement.

And what can Australian fans expect from your live shows down under? Do you have a full band?
I have my guitar player, Manuel Rocha, with me. In Adelaide, we will be playing with 3 Australian musicians but everywhere else it will be just the two of us. 

Our shows are a mix of music and storytelling. I like to explain the stories behind the songs so people can join me emotionally in each song. 

What’s the live music scene like in Portugal? And how does it compare to the many different countries you’ve performed in around the world?
There are lots of festivals in Portugal, really good ones. The main difference, I would say, is that when you are in your own country and people already know you, they come with an expectation. What I like about playing outside of Portugal is that lack of expectation and that openness to be impressed. It makes it really exciting for us.

You’ve received a whole bunch of accolades including two Globos de Ouro nominations (The Portuguese equivalent of The Golden Globes), and a Commander of the Order of Merit from the Portuguese President after becoming the first first-ever Portuguese act to win the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest! Huge! What was your Eurovision experience like? Tell us everything.
Well, I know that here in Australia people are really into Eurovision but I must be honest and say that I had never watched Eurovision before I was involved in it. 

I was invited, along with other famous Portuguese composers, to write a song for this competition we have called ” festival da canção”. I liked the idea because all the musician thought that the competition needed to represent more the music that was being made in Portugal and the years before that wasn’t happening at all. So, I wrote the song and I invited my brother to sing it. Everyone, we showed the song to said the same thing ” it’s really beautiful but you are never gonna win with it”. It was fine with me. I just wanted to bring a pretty song and to let people hear my brother’s voice. Well, we ended up winning that competition, going to Eurovision as a result of that and winning Eurovision as well. It was all pretty surreal.

And finally what’s next for Luísa Sobral? More touring? Any new releases on the horizon? Any hot collabs?
I am now working on my new album. I would like it to be out at the beginning of next year. Before that, I will just keep on touring!

Australian Tour Dates
Melbourne – Wednesday 11 March – 75 Reid St, Fitzroy North
L​uísa plays two sets from 7pm

Sydney – Saturday 14 March – ​SONGWRITING: LUÍSA SOBRAL – STIMULATE YOUR CREATIVITY 10.30am – 12.30pm
More details –

Saturday 14 March – The Sydney Portugal Community Club
L​uísa plays two sets from 7pm

Listen to L​uísa Sobral on Spotify.