Keg Release Debut Single “Heyshaw” Debut EP ‘Assembly’ Out 22nd October via Alcopop! Records



Brighton based 7-piece Keg today introduce themselves with debut single “Heyshaw”, coinciding with the announcement of their signing to Alcopop! Records and the release of debut EP ‘Assembly’ out 22nd October digitally and on 12″ vinyl.

Produced by the band themselves and mixed by Sean Oakley (Show Me The Body, Scalping, Kae Tempest, Sorry), “Heyshaw” is a dizzying slice of joyous indie-punk.

Singer Albert Haddenham said this of the new single: “The first tune we wrote as Keg is a cheeky ditty about my mum’s family, growing up on Heyshaw farm in the Yorkshire dales and various RAF camps around the world, from Nidderdale to Kuwait, Kuala Lumpur to Driffield, Whippets to Frankfurters. The culture clash must have been quite stark. Musically the track was written at the height of our collective Devo frenzy, we are indebted to our Ohio forebears.”

An undulating barrage of jagged guitars, chaotic drums, spiralling electronics and foreboding brass provide a truly unique backing for Haddenham’s captivating rasp; reeling off the finer details of his mum’s global excursions and the many characters who came along for the ride.

Erupting from a frenzied passion for the ‘song’, Keg toe a fine line between the angular throb of contemporary post-rock sensibilities and a timeless necessity for harmony and meticulous songwriting.

This push-pull can be heard woven into each of their compositions. What you may not hear upon first listen is the achingly personal nature of their lyrics as well as the myriad influences injected into it by its instrumentalists, all of who come from varied musical backgrounds.

Albert (vocals), Joel Whitaker (bass) & Will Wiffen (synth) grew up together around the seaside Yorkshire town of Bridlington; and like many artists growing up in removed quarters of the country, they shared a yearning to leave. Spreading around different parts of the country after leaving school, they found their bandmates in their respective cities and found one another once again on the southern shores of Brighton.

Armed with a new-found wealth of influence and experience, and a thirst for musical liberation – set forth on a new pilgrimage to the battered ruins of Golgotha.

Frank Lindsay (guitar), whose background resides mostly in hip-hop, afforded the sound a unique pulse with a guitar sound which is manic, discordant but firm. Jules Gibbons (guitar, also in Spang Sisters) whose songwriting sensibilities come from a love of cadence and craft of beautiful soul ballads, imbued the band with his structured sense of composition.

Both Charlie Keen (trombone & shell) and Johnny Pyke (drums) come from classically trained Jazz backgrounds. Johnny – throughout Keg – is able to demonstrate this, as well as his ability to remain in the pocket. Similarly, Charlie can both compliment the bands manic moments as well as improvise, uniquely bringing the trombone to the foreground of the sound.

There is but one aim that Keg aims to achieve – to write good music, with a wry smile. Keg’s debut single “Heyshaw” is out now. The band’s debut EP ‘Assembly’ will be released October 22nd via Alcopop! Records.

Keg Release Debut Single "Heyshaw"

‘Assembly’ EP – Track list // out 22nd October

1. Presidential Walk
2. Breaking Rocks
3. Heyshaw
4. Farmhands
5. Kilham


2 August, London – Sebright Arms (supporting Blue Bendy)
17 August, Brighton – Prince Albert (supporting Opus Kink)
17 September, Brighton – Green Door Store (supporting Bull)
18 September, Portsmouth – Psyched Fest