Isadoré has reminded us of her grace with this artistic visual for her most recent single ‘One Step’, her most silky sonic addition to date. Celebrating this release Isadoré is also announcing the release of her sophomore EP ‘Sun Queen’ on the 9th of April.

Having grown up in the dance world her whole life Isadoré had always been exposed to a deep listening and appreciation of music and always led an artistic life. Her visions have been mainly projected through the expression of dance and music and now we better understand her world with this beautifully put together music video. Isadoré began writing lyrics and melodies from a young age which allowed her to grow and swell as a musician as she gained comfort in her musicianship.

For her to capture this blissful world Isadoré went about adopting an old french like cinematic theme with her music video. The way she shot the visual blasts you immediately into her world and leaves you in awe of the touch she has in an artistic form. The track is really about the acceptance of ones battle within themselves and pushing to create the strongest form of who you are. The music video really captures moments of strength among moments of being absolutely lost. Ultimately forming this image of a strong woman, a brave woman and an enduring woman. Isadoré reflects those qualities and makes this self produced music video an epic reminder of how brilliant she is as we head towards the release of her EP.

“This current EP I have been releasing over the last 12 months has been inspired by the feminist classic Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. ‘One Step’ was inspired by one of the stories from this book ‘The Handless Maiden’ who has had her hands cut off by the devil. The tale is a rite of passage, a descent and return designed to build endurance and strength and bring a wounded soul back to life. I wanted to capture this on film in a way that would connect with everyone differently, I am really proud of this visual and I am so excited to be releasing my EP in April” – Isadoré

Writing and producing the track entirely by herself Isadoré’s unique techniques are continuously showing world class touch. The way she delivers her soft and yet encompassing vocal tones matched with graceful sound emmersions welcomes you into a blissful arena and one totally owned by the best version of herself.

Isadoré’s sophomore EP ‘Sun Queen’ is a body of work filled with confidence, love and strength. On the 9th of April you will get to listen to one of the most incredible bodies of work from a self sufficient indie artist we will see this year. The music video is a reminder of things to come and 2021 will be a rising year for Isadoré the sun queen herself.