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    Get to know Melbourne hip hop artist POOKIE…

    Meet Naarm (Melbourne) based Producer/MC POOKIE, who continuously finds herself exploring the many dimensions of Hip-Hop/R&B. Pookie confronts delicate content such as race, violence and femininity sometimes transmitted nonchalantly. The zealous energy in the production and performance of her music disguises the reality of her lyrics; a parallel to the life she lives as an East African woman with an Australian upbringing.

    POOKIE who recently teamed up on a session project at Sing Sing East Studios in Melbourne with Birdsnake, FL-Smiley & Cool Out Sun’s N’fa Forster-Jones, they came out of an intensive day of studio time with ‘Stationary’ to create a blend of jazz/funk/soul/contemporary influenced rhythmic grooves that infect the mind, body and soul.

    Congratulations on the release of ‘Stationary’, what does it feel like to finally have it out in the world?

    Thank you! It’s been really cool seeing people respond to this track with as much love as they have.

    You worked on this song with FL-Smiley, N’Fa Jones and Birdsnake. How was it working with so many people? Was the energy a bit chaotic

    Funnily enough, no! Originally, this was just a Birdsnake track and so the three of us were only in there trying to listen to the sauce at hand. From getting us to jump on the mic to the final vocal take, everything was super organic.

    Any other collaborations in the pipeline with Birdsnake, FL-Smiley or N’Fa Jones?

    I have a definite answer for that, but unfortunately for you, I like surprising people.

    You all emerged from the studio with this song in a day, how did that happen? Did you all click THAT well together?

    Easy. I guess it started with comfort. I felt like everyone was comfortable with their own presence in the space which is crucial to having an honest collaborative experience.

    How does ‘Stationary’ compare to your other music? Did this collaboration push some boundaries for you?

    This project was a really cool learning experience for me as someone who likes to find themselves behind the console as well as the mic. Watching another producer in their element is the best way for me to pick up nice workflow habits. I like to think I don’t have boundaries as far as creativity goes but I can definitely say I learnt a lot.

    What were your influences for the song? Can you tell us about what it means to you?

    When I wrote that hook it was around the time I started realising I didn’t have to react to my reality, and instead I could be the creator of it. Stationary is about not letting the adversities of the 3rd dimension warp your vision.

    How is Tremoverse Records different to other record labels out there?

    I wouldn’t know really know, but from my experience with Tremorverse for the second year in a row, they’re doing quite well.

    How has being a student at Box Hill Institute changed the direction/exulcerated your career? What course are you doing?

    It’s been great. Aside from the cool industry connections, I’ve been able to directly apply what I am learning into my music and loving that I don’t have to wait for that piece of paper to start making moves. Currently, I’m studying for a Bachelor of Sound Production in Applied Music.

    Have you heard the rest of the album? What can we expect to hear?

    I haven’t. Can’t wait to though!

    What’s coming up for Pookie?

    I won’t tell you what, but something’s coming 😛

    ‘Stationary’ is out now via Tremorverse Records.

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