Born and raised in Mount Maunganui, Georgia Lines’ musical story began with a Rockquest win in 2014. In the last year since the release of debut single, Vacant Cities, Georgia has appeared in over 10 major playlists across the globe, rolled out a single distribution deal in the UK and has amassed well over 1 million Spotify streams and climbing for her debut EP release.

For new single release ‘Made for Loving’ Georgia Lines has joined forces with director, photographer and creative director Cam Neate, to produce a visual feast for the 70’s inspired, Made For Loving, a stand out track from Georgia’s self-titled debut EP.

Made for Loving Music Video:


What is unique about the place you live, or is it famous for something?

I don’t think Mount Maunganui (where I live) Is actually famous for anything but we do have a pretty beautiful beach that is a pretty big draw card for many people… especially over the summer.

Through lockdown, what has been your favourite thing to do at the weekend?

I feel like I did so many things throughout our lockdown in NZ that were my favourites (re- organising cupboards, painting, sewing, making focaccia bread, binge watching Ozark). But, in terms of a consistent favourite thing I did during the weekend I would have to say baking. I did a lot of baking and trying out new dessert recipes that I had wanted to try but never had the time to try out. Coming out of lockdown I definitely put on a couple of extra kilos that I did not have beforehand.

Any side hustles or skills you want to share with us?

I don’t feel like I currently have any side hustles… but as a kid I was constantly creating side hustles.

Selling things on the side of the road – anything from baking, to my brother’s toys, to selling things out of the fridge (Sorry Mum). Was always keen on a little extra pocket money.

What cheeky banger has been playing through your speakers on repeat for the last 6 months?

I’ve been listening to a lot of playlists on Spotify over the past few months to find new music but if I had to choose a consistent banger I would say “cranes in the sky” by Solange… to be honest I have been thrashing it since it was released back in 2016.

Favourite Friday night dinner at home or restaurant?

One of my most favourite restaurants down the mount (where I live) is this amazing Italian place called Alpino. Everything on their menu is amazing, but I am a big fan of their Beef Ragu or their Pizza “Pizza Parma e Rucola” (had to Google what it was called, cause I couldn’t remember the proper name.) Which is a pizza with prosciutto, rocket and parmesan! I would eat that every night of the week if I could.

Tell us about your current projects and what you’ve been working on?

I am currently in the writing stages of my next project. I haven’t quite decided what that will evolve into being yet, whether it is an album or EP, but I am loving creating and exploring new sounds for whatever it turns into. I’ve been collaborating with heaps of new people, working in different studios / also creating via zoom which has been interesting and strangely successful. I’m really loving the early stages of creating at the moment and loving exploring and pushing the boundaries of what I’ve done before.

Made for Loving | Georgia Lines Director’s note.

“It was a pleasure to collaborate again with Georgia on our third music video (Made For Loving) together.  I wanted to approach the visuals in a more stripped back style, shooting with a small crew, all in studio and on beautiful Kodak Super8 film stock.  The concept was about capturing Georgia in motion portraits, almost like a Victorian painting, that is coming to life more and more as the song progresses.  Also interacting with still-life elements, which are living and physical.  After creating a mood board of visual elements and references, it felt natural to shoot on film as opposed to emulating a film-look digitally.  We now have a third chapter to our trilogy of music videos together and whilst they’re all quite different to one another, I feel like there’s a timeless theme that binds them together, providing a paired visual journey to Georgia’s beautiful music.” – Cam Neate.