The island of Phu Quoc is fast becoming a hotbed for international tourism and is attracting vast quantities of visitors throughout the year.

In the past couple of years, the Vietnamese island has been bolstering its attractive nature through its rich historic sites and also newly-founded events and activities. Below we’ve highlighted some of the greatest pull-factors the island has to offer.

Eat local delicacies at Han Nimh

The relaxed nature of Han Nimh is something that little other seaside locations can offer. The welcoming settlement and area are best experienced after sundown when tourists can enjoy dinners, laughter and social moments with neighboring eateries afloat on the Han Nimh waves.

Enjoy dinner at Duong Dong Night Market

duong dong

The capital of Phu Quoc is full of special little places and the towns most famous asset is undoubtedly the Night Market; dubbed as a food-lovers paradise, fruit, fish and many other fresh types of meat are readily available and the unreal prices of these foods make you wish purchases could be transported back home.

Visit a Buddhist temple

The usual population of Phu Quoc is around 100,000 people and as such, this means the island is lacking a lot of structural presence in terms of its global significance. However, if there’s a structure to point out it’s most definitely Ho Quoc Pagoda, a vast and mesmerizing temple that’ll be sure to dazzle you.

Indulge in one of the regions best festivals, EPIZODE

Launched on New Year’s Eve 2016, Epizode Festival is less of a festival and more like stepping into some alternate reality where things like time of day and day of week are irrelevant, aside from remembering when your flight home is.

The long-time festival welcomes a truly international roster of party-goers from Russia, Eastern Europe and Western Europe for total out-and-out hedonism. Epizode Festival reels in another unbelievable lineup of some of the very best artists in both house and techno. This epic but intimate festival is complete with its stunning design, incredible lights, and vibe more in keeping with a party rather than a classic festival set up. Epizode Festival returns on 28 December 2018 and runs through until 7th January 2020