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Today [Tuesday 29th June], E L L E returns to share her latest offering ‘Deepfake’. A frenetic, distorted punk driven number punctuated by arpeggiated vocals, acid basslines and breakbeats, this addictive new single was written from the perspective of a contracted killer (lyrically referencing Resident Evil – “ride double shotgun, I’m Milla Jovovich”) and drops alongside an incredible video conceptualized and directed by herself. Depicting E L L E in the front seat of a Mercedes, dressed all in white with pigtails, holding an old musket and an oversized teddy bear, this video portrays her fascination with organised violence and how hot and out of control it can be, exploring conflicting signifiers and displaced identities.

Speaking on the video, E L L E says:

Organised violence is fascinating to me especially when it is so cold and calculated. The idea of being dressed as some kind of anime character, or a cute / kitsch figurine, something really considered and put together, contrasted with the emptiness of the surroundings…bare dirt…that really appeals. 

It feels as if nowadays traditional contexts have been wiped by the internet and social media and that means that everything is now, in one place broadly speaking… images get jumbled together and endlessly recycled and edited. It’s like, the signifiers of a cyberpunk look, mashed up with rural decay, mashed up against 18th century weapons, mashed up against the slick energy of a car advert – all things that aren’t too strange on their own but when together can become really confusing or unsettling. And that for me is where art is heading.

ELLE Returns With Hitman Inspired Single and Video 'Deepfake'

Hailing from London via Tokyo and Toulouse, E L L E is a truly fascinating and innovative newcomer whose unique sonic and visual output has been recognised across the board from i-D, to CRACK, to Dazed to DIY. Creatively affected and inspired by Aphex TwinThree 6 Mafia and Nine Inch Nails as much as she is by naturevideo gamesMark Rothko and Junji Ito, in 2020 she followed early singles ‘Hyacinth Kiss’, ‘Cookies’, ‘HYDRA’ and ‘Chute’  and released her debut EP MOUTH. Spanning four meticulously crafted and expertly produced tracks including the Memphis rap tinged single ‘Yowl’, taking a diverse and somewhat unconventional range of inspirations including the natural world, chainsaws, acid techno, hardstyle, love and more, MOUTH was created by E L L E in her bedroom. Armed with only a laptop, mic and headphones, her debut was a shining example of genuine talent, creativity and authenticity; bringing a much needed injection of the avant-garde into the current landscape.

Spending most of lockdown 2020 at her childhood home in France working a day job remotely for a car rental company specialising in Mercedes and “listening to loads of trance music”, E L L E has been busy working on an exciting new project which she’s yet to shed light on.

Stay tuned for more music and news soon.

‘Deepfake’ is out now – elle.ffm.to/deepfake