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    David M. Western talks new album, new show, new job and new single ‘Take Your Opportunities’

    Day-dreaming, whimsical and deft, Melbourne artist David M. Western delivers a special new sound with insightful lyricism and powerful, distinct musical arrangements on his new single ‘Take Your Opportunities’. Following from his latest track and LP genesis, ‘Instant Life’‘Take Your Opportunities’ delivers David’s distinct reflective poeticism that continues to interrogate and stretch the boundaries of what it means to be a songwriter. We had a lovely candid chat with David all about his forthcoming debut album, live shows, and the ins and outs of daily Melbourne life.

    Hey David, congratulations on the release of your latest single ‘Take Your Opportunities’! How does it feel to have it out in the world?

    Howdy. Thanks for chattin with me.

    It feels great. Strange time to do music, strange time to even get out of bed so it’s been a wonderful shot of adrenaline into the creative bloodlines. I think it’s a fun little song too so it’s been great to share it with the world.

    The single follows on from previous single of last year ‘Instant Life’ in a sort of narrative you’re trickling out in the lead up to your upcoming debut album. Tell us how does ‘Take Your Opportunities’ carry on from ‘Instant Life’ and what narrative are you telling with your album?

    I’ve been trying to direct a film of sorts of this character, this fictitious version of myself, going on a journey I’ve been constructing in my mind. One of breaking free of all shackles and going on this big trip of self-realisation, being lost and getting even more lost. Instant Life set the mindset of ‘I have no money, no aspirations’, it was somewhat pensive, but now this character is off and is even looking into someone joining in on the ride and be as equally stupid and carefree. Can’t wait for you to hear the next chapter. It’s probably gonna boil over at some stage.

    And what can we expect from the remainder of your upcoming album? 

    Definitely more of this odyssey I’ve been developing. Expect plenty of ‘lets burn our lives down to the ground in all its operatic glory’. Definitely some self-sabotage. And also a few insights into why these characters are the way they are.

    When writing your debut album, what artists or albums were you listening to at the time, and are there any particular artists that have been a major influence on your songwriting in general?

    This album has been years in the making, so I’ve sifted through a few great artists in that time. They’d include:
    Gillian Welch
    Daniel Romano
    Bill Evans
    Marty Robbins
    Kacey Musgraves

    What are some of your favourite albums / releases of the year so far and why?

    Favourite’s of the last twelve months would be…

    Mary Lattimore – Silver Ladders
    She crafts spectacular soundscapes. I’d listen to this album while gardening and stressing about stuff that requires no actual thought and it would calm the system. 

    Daniel Romano – Okay Wow!
    Dan’s a genius. He spans all genres but this live album takes the cake. It’s reminiscent of Dylan’s Rolling Thunder years. Sheer power, musicality and songwriting here. I could list many of his albums. Spotify tells me he’s basically the only person I listened to last year.

    Waxahatchee – St Cloud
    I saw Waxahatchee play with Kevin Morby a few years back and it changed the game and set a new standard for me. And then she releases this masterpiece. If you’re a Lucinda Williams fan then this is a welcome to the 21st century baby. But also Lucinda released a great album last year too haha.

    You’re playing a free show with Annie Rose Maloney at Some Velvet Morning in Melbourne on Saturday 13 March. Is this a full band show? Tell us a bit about your live set up both solo and with your band.

    I’m gonna try get a few friends along to jump up on stage with me but life’s throwing curveballs left right and centre. I’m going to be stoked playing solo acoustic for most of the set. My exceptional band would involve the standard arrangement, acoustic, electric, bass and drums but somehow these people on stage beside me sound symphonic. Actually maybe I’ll get my electric fixed up and I’ll play that for this gig. Thanks for this interview, it made me think a little more. I reckon I’ll do that. I gotta get better with money so I can afford to fix all my gear for shows now stuff’s opening up again. It’s just hard money and rent and living and all that you know? Anyway see ya at the show.

    Finally, what’s next for you?

    Two more singles, a hell of a lot more social media spamming, saving up money, spending it on beer, saving up money again and trying not to lose my awesome new gardening job. They’re giving me a brand new Hilux can you believe that? I’m real lucky.

    The album’s gonna come up later this year. I think the singles so far are (and will continue to be) a fantastic representation of what you’re going to be hearing. I’m so proud of the work me, the band, Joe my producer and Gormie my engineer/mixer are pulling out. I’ve got a fantastic little outfit around me. So more music is what’s next. And hopefully more shows. Come to my gig.

    Wrap your ears around ‘Take Your Opportunities’ below and if you’re in Melbourne, be sure to get along to David’s upcoming show and stay up to date with David M. Western via his Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp

    David M. Western with Annie Rose Maloney
    Saturday 13 March
    Doors 7:30pm
    Free entry
    Some Velvet Morning, Collingwood VIC

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