BOO SEEKA is a hip-hop-psych-soul/dream-tronica project consisting of Ben (Boo) and Sammy Seeka. We catch up with the duo ahead of their set at The Gum Ball 2017 to find out a little more about their dreamscape synth beats.

How are you and where are you right now?
​BEN: ​Walking down to the beach… Epic day

So, the Gum Ball is this weekend, what can we expect from your set?
​BEN: Been to Gumball as a punter a couple of times so I know what I’d be wanting. Hopefully good vibes, a boogie, some new tracks and always a bit of the unexpected is good.

What attracts you to the synth/dream sound that you put across in your music?
​BEN: Becomes a bit of an epic addiction after a while. Been learning a lot off Sammy Seeka. It’s endless and you just keep wanting more.

Who are your inspirations or influencers?
​BEN: David Attenborough. What a legend. Living for the unknown also helps.

You’ve got a pretty hectic touring schedule over the next few weeks, where else other than the Gum Ball are you looking forward to playing?
​BEN: Gum Ball for sure. All shows bring something new every night so it’s always hard to pick just one. As long as the punters are into it we are too.

Talk us through your songwriting process… who does what?
​BEN: Can’t say there is really a main process to our songwriting​. I’m​ currently in Newcastle and Sammy is in Sydney so today it’s all via messages Skype and emails. Other days we are in studios together or singing something out loud on the plane annoying the people next to us. Always changes. Whatever builds a beast is good in my eyes and for my ears.

What instruments do you play?
​SAM: ​We both play a few, on stage you’ll see Ben singing and playing guitar while I use MPCs, synths and drum pads. Colliding of worlds I suppose.

How did you two meet?
​SAM: ​We met on a white sandy beach in Fiji, Ben emerged from the gentle surf, water dripping from his locks. I was sipping on a Daiquiri with one of those little umbrellas sitting on top; shielding the pineapple sliced on the rim of the glass from the harsh pacific sun. It was love.

You’ve supported Kim Churchill before, you looking forward to catching up with each other at the Gum Ball?
​SAM: ​He’s a legend and a good mate. We actually hung out last week.

Will you have time to see any other acts whilst you’re there – if so who do you want to see play?
​SAM: ​The Gurge!

What are the bonuses of playing a festival as opposed to a gig?
​SAM: ​Stumbling across new, amazing music. Stuff you’ve never heard. Meeting people you’ve never met and making new experiences.

What’s been a career highlight for you so far?
​SAM: ​Playing Splendour in the Grass last year was huge, played a full mix up tent and had the best time.

What’s on the cards for the rest of 2017 for you guys?
​SAM: ​Finish album, release album, tour album, sleep.
The Gum Ball kicks off this Friday 21st, in the Hunter Valley, NSW, get your tickets now HERE

By Hannah Shakir