The pub culture in Melbourne is so tightly interwoven into the city’s cultural fabric and hospitality scene that a visit to the city would not be complete without a tour.  For visitors looking to delve into this city’s food and drink culture on a short time frame can seem like a daunting task. However, fear not as we’ve taken the guess work out of identifying the top four best Pubs in Melbourne that stand out as being unique.
Here are the Best Pubs in Melbourne
As is finding the ultimate pub amongst the best things to do in Sydney, so too is it in Melbourne. we will leave it up to you to decide whilst you booze yourself through your east coast Australia tours
Decked out in the old world charm of the 1920s, replete with velvet chairs set amidst heavy wooden interiors is the 1806 pub. Here, shaking and stirring are the name of the game, with more than 50 cocktails on the menu for pub goers to experience. For travelers looking to immerse themselves in a somewhat vintage setting, the 1806 will not disappoint. Further, enhancing the experience is the view available to diners from the mezzanine level of the building , which not too many Pubs in Melbourne can boast about. What’s the best bit about 1806 ? The menu is divided by the years from the 1600s onwards offering visitors a significant and interesting bit of history interspersed with their offerings. Visitors will no doubt be delightfully surprised and their curiosity peaked at the lesser known facts behind their favourite cocktails.
Arbory Bar and Eatery
The story behind the Arbory Bar and Eatery is a fairly long one. In terms of specifics – more than 150meters long to be precise, as it spreads itself along the length of Flinders Street Station’s 13th platform. For travelers who are yet to finalise their lists of Things-to-do in Melbourne then Arbory Bar should definitely be on it. What stands out from this establishment compared to other Pubs in Melbourne is the beautiful view across the Yarra that is afforded to diners. Open to customers for breakfast in the morning, operations continue till late in the night. The bar is equipped with a state of the art ice machine, there’s also a fancy system for beer and of course wine on tap. Recommendation for food includes the pub’s double cheese burger and the steak tartare.
Bar Americano
Situated right at the end of Presgrave Place, Bar Americano might strike first time visitors as a hole in the wall kind of place. While its appearance might put one off, especially as it’s a tight squeeze to get in, its cocktails are almost legend. You know a bartender is serious about cocktails, when he wears a white lab coat and is seen concentrating intensely on the mixing.  The cocktails served here could well be just about the best ever tasted in comparison to other Pubs in Melbourne. While Bar Americano may not be ideal to spend an evening as the space is limiting, it’s best for a quick sip or a wait in between meet ups.
Boilermaker House
Down Lonsdale Street, the Boilermaker House is definitely a one of a kind venture that encourages the marrying of flavors,  namely beer and whisky. For lovers of both beverages, such unique Pubs in Melbourne are almost a godsend. For those who are unfamiliar with the boilermaker concept, the  drink is actually a beer cocktail where a shot of whisky is followed by a little more than a shot of beer. While it might not seem like the cocktail for the faint hearted, the Boilerhouse encourages visitors to nibble on complementary edibles before beginning to nip into their beer. The thinking is that when both beverages are consumed together they create new flavours on the palate.
Whether you are branching out to bars on the west whilst enjoying your Perth to Broome Tours, whether you are south or east, Australia is packed with bars. Do not rush yourself however, take all the time needed to see yourself through the best pubs in Melbourne.