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    Augie March talk past, present and future ahead of their ‘On The Quiet’ tour

    In 2009, when it couldn’t get any bigger or louder, Augie March pared-back and skirted the east coast with their ‘On The Quiet’ tour. A loose and informal approach to their acclaimed repertoire, this largely acoustic show was a huge hit with Augie fans, purist and tourist alike.

    Fast forward to 2019, Augie March are thrilled to be bringing ‘On The Quiet’ back to life and into some of their favourite venues IN AND AROUND Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, AND Brisbane. Adam Donovan, Dave Williams, Edmondo Ammendola, Glenn Richards, and Kiernan Box will take the opportunity to revisit tunes across their revered 23-year career.

    Ahead of the tour, we caught up with Dave Williams to get the lowdown on what to expect…

    Can remind us what the ‘On the Quiet’ Tour looked like? What made it so special that is warrants a 10-year reunion?
    On the Quiet is about presenting Augie March songs in their most intimate and direct form.

    After doing two albums of quite raucous and deliberately arranged music (2014 – Haven’s Dumb, 2018 – Bootikins) it felt like the right time to turn down, strip back and allow these songs to reveal another side of themselves to us and our audience.

    Plus wanted to tour with our lamps on stage again.

    What inspired the concept of the original ‘On the Quiet’ tour? While touring America we did a lot of acoustic promo spots on live radio. We enjoyed the loose and informal approach and wanted to give it a whirl in front of a live audience.

    What elements of the show will be reminiscent of the 2009 tour?
    The lamps.

    Can we expect a mirrored setlist? Or will there be some post-2009 infusions throughout the night? Or even some brand-new music…

    The sets will feature songs from across our 23-year career and we’re also fixing to learn some covers.

    You’ll be joined by Grand Salvo this time; can you tell us a little bit about them and why you chose them?
    Grand Salvo is the nom de plume of Melbourne musician Paddy Mann. Paddy tells beautiful stories with his songs, evoking images of particular places and childhood memories. Grand Salvo recordings include intricate instrumental arrangements, which sometimes feature in his live sets but the songs are powerful enough to be listened to with just his voice and acoustic guitar, so it seemed to be a fitting combination.

    Who joined you on tour last time?
    Laura Jean, Luluc, Ned Colette, Andrew Morris from The Wilson Pickers, Sarah Kelly from Red Sun Band …and Grand Salvo!

    This tour will be a great opportunity for fans to see you in the most intimate venues than we’ve seen for years. Who’s the biggest band you’ve seen in the smallest venue?
    Muse at The Evelyn Hotel on Brunswick St in Fitzroy in 2000

    Have you played any of these intimate venues before? If so, which are you most excited to revisit? What was your experience like the last time?
    The recent recovery of The Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda from the clutches of property developers after languishing on real estate death row has been nothing short of miraculous. The Espy is a cultural icon in Melbourne and has featured heavily in Augie March members formative years, both as punters and when the band were finding their way as a live band.

    The Gershwin Room show on this tour has us all especially excited.

    What’s the secret to Augie March’s longevity? What advice can you give to up and coming bands?
    Celebrate and encourage one another’s creative traits- a Jigsaw picture is not made with pieces the same shape or design. Do you have any unshared tales from the road?

    Do you have any unshared tales from the road?
    Dave was asked to sing a duet with Mandy Moore in the pizza shop at The Magic Stick in Detroit after a gig!

    What’s next for Augie March?
    A special something on the simmer for 2020…

    Thursday 8 August – Sooki Lounge, Belgrave VIC
    Friday 9 August – The Espy, St Kilda VIC
    Saturday 10 August – Meeniyan Town Hall, Meeniyan VIC
    Thursday 15 August – Transit Bar, Canberra ACT
    Friday 16 August – Paddo RSL, Sydney NSW
    Saturday 17 August – The Old Museum, Brisbane QLD
    Sunday 25 August – Howler, Brunswick VIC

    Tickets on sale now via

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